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"Definitely very dark... Not your usual Industrial offering.” - Hardwired (UK)
“Splayed on a canvas like Picasso.” - Say It Loud
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In Defiance 26z Returns With The Broken Republic Online Campaign After an array of independent and promotional releases - As well as receiving attention and support from main stream industry professionals (World Famous KROQ, Sharon Osbourne, McGhee Entertainment, Cash Money Records, Violator Music Management, Strange Music, Singerman Entertainment, etc.) - Critically Acclaimed Industrial outfit 26z, fronted by the antics of Naïve Quiet, has returned with an entire catalogue of new and re-mastered material, available at discount price through iTunes, Amazon and additional retailers. The Broken Republic launch will include 26z’s first full length release, iNURE: A Vision Of Endearment, to answer Bruce Johnston's (The Beach Boys) personalized inquiry "Where's the Pop?” - Additional campaign titles include Admonitions (The Human Condition), Revolver (Antiquities)/ Revolver (Monday) and various promotional releases including 26z’s Passive and Aggressive EP’s, the 8-Bit Rain Cloud EP, A Black Peter Christmas (Vol 1) and (Vol 2), the re-release of the EBM/ Noise Remix The DarkFlower Tragedies and more.

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Additional Releases that have included 26z and or current standing members are also available.

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"Like Tom Waits... But sexier." - Unplugged Performance Review

"A mix between Blondie and Satan..." -Live Performance Review

26z returns to the stage in 2016 with the One Voice Riot Tour, performing both unplugged and synthetic sets. Dates and locations will be listed as events occur.

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26z Equipment is listed below. Endorsement opportunities are available for 2016-2017. Contact 26z for more information.

Ernie Ball   Epiphone   Fender   Kurzweil   Jim Dunlop   Yamaha   Roland   Boss   Zoom   Line6   Shure   Hewlitt Packard   Hosa   Pioneer   Sony   Casio   Senheiser   Korg   Audio-Technica   Tascam

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26z is currently accepting donations and solicitations for 2016-2017, bypassing the standard "Crowd-Funding" avenues such as KickStarter or GoFundMe, which are known for taking additional percentage amounts from the aquired revenue. There are a number of backer rewards incentives for those that donate to 26z via PayPal. These incentives include rare merchandise, studio exclusives and more. Businesses and independent entrapenuers interested in endorsement and sponsorship opportunites should contact 26z directly.

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