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In Defiance 26z Returns With The Broken Republic Online Campaign

After an array of independent and promotional releases - As well as receiving attention and support from main stream industry professionals (World Famous KROQ, Sharon Osbourne, McGhee Entertainment, Cash Money Records, Violator Music Management, Strange Music, Singerman Entertainment, etc.) - Critically Acclaimed Industrial outfit 26z, fronted by the antics of Naïve Quiet, has returned with an entire catalogue of new and re-mastered material, available at discount price through iTunes, Amazon and additional retailers. The Broken Republic launch will include 26z’s first full length release, iNURE: A Vision Of Endearment, to answer Bruce Johnston's (The Beach Boys) personalized inquiry "Where's the Pop?” - Additional campaign titles include Admonitions (The Human Condition), Revolver (Antiquities)/ Revolver (Monday) and various promotional releases including 26z’s Passive and Aggressive EP’s, the 8-Bit Rain Cloud EP, A Black Peter Christmas (Vol 1) and (Vol 2), the re-release of The DarkFlower Tragedies EP (EBM, Noise Remix) and more.


“Definitely very dark... Not your usual Industrial offering...” - Hardwired (UK)


“Splayed on a canvas like Picasso.” - Say It Loud


“New and Hot! Really a NEW movement of music.” - Whiskey A Go Go (Los Angeles)

A Black Peter Christmas... NOW AVAILABLE!
Industrial band 26z previously released A Black Peter Christmas (Vol. 1) and will be releasing a 2nd Re-Mastered ‘Santa Approved’ version in 2014. The Black Peter Vol. 1 release is a compilation of various Holiday singles, recorded from 2009 to 2012 – Now available through iTunes and additional retailers. The release includes 26z’s (Black Peter Revision) of the 1950’s classic Santa Baby and original Christmas concepts by 26z including A Cold Warmth and The Persuasive Interest - As well as the electronic Instrumental renditions Jingle Bells (Noise Mix) and California Dreaming (Trance Mix). 26z also released the first Holiday singles from A Black Peter Christmas (Vol. 2) in Nov 2012 and 2013, The Monochromatic Diode, which was openly received worldwide - Reaching over 18,000 accumulated hits in the weekend of release, was brilliantly followed by the 2013 Christmas anthem, Catorthoseis, reaching nearly 20,000 downloads since it’s time of release. Black Peter promotionals are occasionally available to stream and download, updates will be posted at various 26z Music Sites.

Visit ReverbNation, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace or any 26z social networking site to hear the new voice of the Christmas Season, courtesy of 26z and 00665 MultiMedia. COMING December 2014: A Black Peter Christmas (Vol 2) - Including the hit singles The Monochromatic Diode and Catorthoseis, the previously unreleased Holiday single A Portrait Of Winter and the 26z revision of Little Drummer Boy and the 1960’s classic California Dreamin'. Visit the Discography section for additional track list information. This information may be subject to change.

The iNURE Album Offers Additional Content
26z's highly anticipated – AND Critically Acclaimed - full length guitar based album, iNURE: A Vision Of Endearment, will now offer a variety of downloadable content including three alternate printable covers and additional free exclusives available with album purchases. Additional content will include 26z Demos, Mobile Graphics and Desktop Wallpapers as well as a sneak peek behind 26z's next full length release.

26z has released numerous promotional singles from the iNURE CD, which also appear on 26z's Passive and Aggressive EP's. These EP's include various tracks from the iNURE, Admonitions and Revolver (Antiquities) releases as well as previously unreleased material, not available on other 26z albums and EP’s. Some of these titles are now available through iTunes and additional retailers. 26z iNURE promotionals are occasionally available to stream and download 100% Free, updates will be posted at various 26z Music Sites. Visit the Discography section for additional track list and release date information. The iNURE: A Vision Of Endearment CD is expected to be available for public sale September 2013. Various singles may be available for public sale before time of official release. To receive current updates join 26z on Facebook, Twitter or any 26z Network sites.

With Success Follows (The Human Condition)
26z once again redefines the Pop image with a series of promising follow-ups to the iNURE: A Vision OF Endearment release with Admonitions (The Human Condition), Revolver (Antiquities), the 8-Bit Rain Cloud EP and more. The Admonitions EP hosts a variety of impressive tracks including (Neglect), The Obsolete, Red Tape Across The Silver Line, The False Division and The Stolen Verse. A second version of The Obsolete, entitled The Obsolete (Discretion) features Hip Hop artist Enstinctz and is expected to accompany the 2013-2014 American Postcard Mix Tape.

26z has also recently written and released new material from the 2013 Alternative Electro Punk EP, Revolver (Antiquities). The Revolver EP’s - Revolver (Antiquities) and Revolver (Monday) - are expected to be sold individually and as a 2 disc set. The first single from the Revolver EP’s, Blessings Of The Ice Queen, is now available. This single is also available on the 8-Bit Rain Cloud release, which offers additional revisions of the title track. Revolver (Monday) - Disc 2 - will offer the same material from the (Antiquities) release, performed in their original acoustic form, including the alternative rock anthems Revolt By Indiscretion, The Purest Intention, A Simple Mistake, A Mindless Epiphany and more.